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When To Call A Professional

In the hot summer months, we all love our air conditioning units and the home comfort that they bring. But when they suddenly stop blowing cool air, we feel the crush of the heat surrounding us very quickly, and we scramble to fix the problem. There are some issues that a homeowner can handle, and then there are others that, for safety’s sake, need to be handled by HVAC repair services company.

What You Can Do

Physically check the unit
There may be leaves and other plants or garbage pressed against the unit. This will limit the amount of air the unit can take in, generating less air to cool.

Check inside your home
Pull out the air conditioner’s filter. If you aren’t changing this monthly, a dirty filter is likely the cause of less efficient operation – and it will be cause more allergens to get into your home, as well. If you see ANY liquid pooling around the air conditioning unit call a heating and cooling company immediately. Your unit could be leaking refrigerant, such as Freon, which can be very hazardous. Ensure your thermostat is working correctly. It may have become improperly calibrated, or the wires could be loose. If you have easy access to the ductwork in your home, take a look for any obvious tears in the ducts. If possible, you can also place your hand near the ducts and feel for any air leaking out. If you find leaks, you are not only losing cool air but are also forcing your unit to work harder as it tries to compensate for the lost air.

When to Call

If there is a present danger
If your air conditioner fails during the hottest days or weeks of the year and you have infants or elderly in your home, you don’t have time to fix the issue yourself. Young children and the elderly are extremely susceptible to the dangers of high heat. You need to call a professional immediately to ensure that they do not suffer.

If the problem is lingering
When the issue won’t seem to go away, it may be a sign of larger issues. Ignoring these problems may result in the unit being damaged beyond repair, which can cost a whole lot more than a service call.

Frozen AC Pipes
Any part of your air conditioning unit freezing up is a sign of a serious problem. A number of issues can lead to a frozen AC unit, but an HVAC repair service will be able to track down the problem and properly solve it so it doesn’t occur again. A dirty air conditioning filter can sometimes cause this, so remember to change the filter every month!No matter what the issue seems to be, remember that an air conditioning unit is not something to take lightly. It’s the most expensive mechanical system in your home, and you need to catch the small problems before they become costly ones. The safest option is always to call an experienced professional.

If your problems persists, or worsens, call a professional. 

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